A Millionaire Defined

   I call myself a millionaire because I am what is known as a net worth millionaire.  My net worth exceeds 1 million dollars.  It is very easy to calculate your net worth.  Maybe you are a net worth millionaire and don't even know it.  The calculation is simple.  Just add up the value of all of your assets.  The value of your home, your car(s), 401Ks, IRAs, taxable mutual funds, or savings bonds.  You get the idea, anything you own that has value.  Then determine your total outstanding debt.  This is debt on anything home loans, car loan, student loans, personal loans, etc.  Once you have this figure calculated then simply subtract your debt from the value of everything you own.  Mine is very simple because I own 1 house, 2 cars, 401Ks, IRAs, savings bonds, and mutual funds and I just have a single mortgage.  That's all, I try to live a simple clean life from a financial perspective.  At one point I owned a rental property in addition to my home, but I realized that it made my life too complicated, so I sold the rental property.  As I mentioned, I have been on an intentional journey for the last 15 years to achieve my goal of becoming a millionaire.  I have tracked my progress over throughout my journey and am sharing it with you now in the hopes that it will inspire you to get intentional about your goals.  See the graph below to see where I started 15 years ago and where I am today.  It is possible for you to achieve your financial goals, you simply need a clear objective and a plan.



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