Monday, September 28, 2020

A Confession and an Apology


  I have a confession and an apology to make.  When you invited me over to look at your shiny new $70,000 SUV or to take a tour of your 5,000 square foot house, I was dishonest.  I oohed and awed and said a couple of “WOWs!”.  I pretended to be impressed or even excited for you.  In my mind though I was excited for myself.  You see, I was in competition with you.  You didn’t know that I’m was in competition with you.  It’s a secret little game I’ve been playing for years.  A game to see who can build more wealth.  Each time my acquaintances make bad financial choices that will slow their wealth building, I selfishly think “Well, I’ll have more money than they will in the future.”  I realize this is wrong and thus the apology.  I’m sorry I thought and acted in this way.

  I’ve decided to take a new approach.  Instead of enjoying watching you make poor decisions, I’d like to bring you along on my journey to building wealth.  I want to help you progress toward your financial goals.  I’ve been actively trying to build wealth for 16 years and those efforts have paid off.  I am a real millionaire and I’d like to show you how to become one too.  Now what do I mean by a real millionaire?  Well, I simply mean that the path I took is not a get rich quick scheme.  It also doesn’t mean that I inherited a large sum of money.  The path toward becoming a real millionaire is available to most people.  The path takes time, hard work and discipline.  I’ll show you the steps I’ve taken to move along the wealth building path.  I’ll start in the next post by discussing what I think is the most important factor in building wealth… it’s what I call “the gap”.                       


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